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Toilet Compartments

Neville C. Pouchet Limited 

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For almost 10 years NEVILLE C. POUCHET LIMITED has been manufacturing, supplying and installing its own line of toilet compartments throughout Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean for use in high traffic areas in almost all commercial applications. Our toilet compartments offer a stylish, affordable high performing alternative to most other internationally manufactured toilet compartments. We can provide versatility to each installation requirement allowing for client preferences in privacy, style, colour, and size. Our in-house design studio works hand-in-hand with architects and designers to produce computer aided drawings allowing for total customization.

Our locally made systems are built to the highest quality standards and offer our clients a wide range of options in terms of colours, locks, fasteners, applications and configurations. Boasting 304 stainless steel hardware and high pressure laminate both our BANYAN and MORA series of toilet compartments continue to offer a high quality build at a cost that is affordable. Our locally manufactured and imported offerings include corner or recessed layouts, alcove closed or open layouts combined with variances in fixings such as overhead braced, floor mounted and ceiling braced, floor mounted, and ceiling hung toilet compartments, all with hidden or exposed stainless steel hardware. Privacy and other options can be explored.

  • BANYAN SERIES: Our BANYAN series offers an MDF core covered in high pressure laminate mounted on an aluminum frame with concealed fasteners and fixings.
  • MORA SERIES: Our MORA series boasts a solid phenolic edging that due to the bonding process offers water resistant capabilities. The MORA series is perfect for use in areas where washing down of a room is the preferred method of cleaning or in shower applications.


NEVILLE C. POUCHET LIMITED also supplies and installs imported Special Order Toilet Compartments from leading manufacturers both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

From our U.K. Supplier

  • Our United Kingdom supplier offers toilet compartments with proven performance which can be safely installed in high traffic areas such as schools and airports. These compartments can even be specifically catered to use such as a range of children washrooms that bring together fun, safety and hygiene to create the perfect washroom environment for children. Also offered is a range of washrooms designed for secondary schools and higher education facilities with the steel cored anti-vandal cubicle range through to an economically priced schools' favourite. These washroom ranges are truly fit for purpose.

From our U.S. Suppliers

  • Solid colour reinforced composite finishes that have superior scratch, impact resistant, special surface finishes which allows the cleaning of paints, markers, etc.; a solid phenolic core offering special water and impact resistance is also available, as well as special budget oriented plastic laminate finishes.
  • For a sleek modern look, a combination of stainless steel with the traditional beauty of granite. These compartments are perfect for executive offices, hotels, casinos, etc. The durability of the materials means that this system is not only easy to maintain but it will last for years to come.
  • For those that want the ultra modern look there is the ALL STAINLESS STEEL COMPARTMENT. These compartments feature seamless panels with corners welded and smoothed, available in several finishes.
  • Solid plastic compartments which are composed of up to 100% post industrial recycled high density polyethylene are available in many configurations including European styling which offers no gaps between doors and panels.

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