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Duct Access Panels

Neville C. Pouchet Limited

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  • Standard Duty
  • Water Resistant
  • Back to Wall
  • Back to Back (Free Standing)
  • Plain Panels

NEVILLE C. POUCHET LIMITED manufactures, supplies and installs duct access panelling systems that transform any washroom to an elegant user friendly easily maintained space. These durable systems with their concealed fixings and frames are perfect for use in high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings and other commercial applications, and are proven to provide end users with a hygienic, easy to clean surface and superb access to services that are totally concealed by the system while providing various levels of security to the services.

Our locally made QUICKSNAP line of access panels provides an economical, customizable system that comes in two series, the MORA and BANYAN series. Our locally made systems are built to the highest quality standards, and offer clients a wide range of options in terms of colours, locks, fasteners, applications and configurations.

  • BANYAN SERIES: Our BANYAN series offers an MDF core covered in high pressure laminate mounted on an aluminum frame with concealed fasteners and fixings.
  • MORA SERIES: Our MORA series boasts a solid phenolic edging that due to the bonding process offers water resistant capabilities. The MORA series is perfect for areas where washing down of the room is the preferred method of cleaning or in shower applications.

NEVILLE C. POUCHET LIMITED shows its versatility by being able to customize each system to meet specific installation requirements allowing for client preferences in style and colour, even size and materials can be explored. Our in-house design studio works hand in hand with architects and designers to produce computer aided drawings with details so that clients get exactly what they are looking for.

Integrated Plumbing Systems - Pre-Plumbed

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NEVILLE C. POUCHET LIMITED can also supply Armitage Venesta, who is the United Kingdom’s leading washroom systems manufacturer; we supply the integrated plumbing systems or IPS line. This system surpasses traditional duct access systems by being delivered pre-plumbed with sanitary ware attached and sealed to the laminated panels or fitted into vanity units. This goes as far as to include taps, wastes, cisterns and supply and waste pipe work fitted by the factory. The ease of installation made by the development of this line is surpassed and is especially useful in hospitals and other commercial applications.

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