Adam de Freitas

General Manager
Design, Planning & Implementation
Company Service:
20 years


Adam de Freitas worked his way up the ladder to General Manager by learning and mastering different aspects of the Company. His proficiency in Project Management and knowledge of the Company’s manufacturing practices has assisted in maintaining both efficient and lean Manufacturing practices. Adam customer service and solutions driven but likes to get his hands dirty every once in a while.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage Company’s daily operations
  • Strategic Team Member
  • Manufactured Goods (Toilet Compartments, Countertops & Access Panels) and Master Keying specialist

Industry Experience

  • 20 years relevant industry experience, developing and leading the Manufacturing activities while also overseeing all aspects of Installations

Qualification & Certifications

  • BSc. – Business Administration
  • Associate of Science Degree – Management
  • Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technician
  • Principles & Practices of Industrial Relations
  • Advanced Operational Efficiency & Lean Manufacturing
  • Project Management