Laurence Pouchet

Chairman & Chief Financial Officer
Company Service:
32 Years


Helping lead the way for Neville C. Pouchet for the past 32 years, Laurence Pouchet or as many know him as “Larry” brought to the company almost a decade of experience in the construction and engineering field when he began.

He has helped developed the Company into a turn-key provider of Architectural Openings and Washroom Systems with his strategic direction and technical guidance. He believes in being involved and abreast of where the company stands and is, hands-on when it comes to the company accounting and sales, helping to ensure that targets are met and consumers are satisfied.

Key Responsibilities

  • Overall Strategic direction and technical guidance
  • Manage all accounting and financing activities
  • In-house Washroom Systems specialist
  • Manage all Indent Sales activities

Industry Experience

  • 6 years MEP design engineer

  • 3 years structural steel fabrication

  • 41 years in the construction industry

Qualification & Certifications

  • BSc. – Mechanical Engineering
  • Registered with Board of Engineering of Trinidad & Tobago